Kids with Crayons

Phase I - Partnership with reStart, Inc. 

The Arts Asylum launched the Kids with Crayons program in August 2013 in partnership with reStart, Inc. Initially, the program was created to offer art classes of a variety of mediums to at-risk, homeless youth between the ages of 3 and 18. The Arts Asylum created a diverse class program, education and provided both resident and non-resident artists and volunteers to execute the classes at reStart, Inc.'s main facility. Over the course of six-months, The Arts Asylum taught over 25 classes in partnership with reStart, Inc. 

In addition to teaching classes, The Arts Asylum coordinated a variety of gallery showcases, events and performances for the kids to present their work and learn the business behind the art. The participants each helped coordinate different aspects of the event. 

Phase II - Community Outreach 

As the program gained awareness in the community and reStart, Inc. underwent a facility renovation, The Arts Asylum expanded to offer Kids with Crayons classes at other locations in the city in 2015. The Arts Asylum participated in several community outreach projects including collaborations with ArtsKC, Art in the Loop, Girl Scouts of America and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kansas City

In addition, The Arts Asylum began an ongoing partnership with Union Hill Day School, offering classes once a week between spring through fall of 2015. The partnership resulted in a campaign with Terracon, in which the students created their holiday artwork.

Phase III - Ongoing Classes & Gallery Shows at The Arts Asylum

The Arts Asylum plans to re-launch the Kids with Crayons ongoing class schedule, hosted in the Ann K. Brown Co-Lab starting October 1, 2016. To make this program a possibility, The Arts Asylum is seeking donations in forms of supplies and artist-grade materials, artists and volunteers to facilitate classes, as well as monetary donations to assist in the renovation of the Co-Lab space and to off-set costs for youth at reStart, Inc. to continue to participate in the program, as well as support in the student's graduation program.

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